Poly Canvas Fabric: All You Need To Know

Polycanvas is a versatile polyester fabric crafted using a plain weave to mimic the feel and look of canvas. It is impeccably more durable than cotton canvas and also water-resistant  Not only it is easier to clean, but also more efficient.

What is poly canvas?

poly canvas

Poly canvas is a multi-purpose synthetic fabric made from polyester. Poly canvas fabric is a significant upgrade in terms of durability owing to its application in home decor projects, accessories, and bags.

Polycanvas was made to eliminate the threat to animals and design a more durable and efficient material than leather. The warp and weft threads are knitted into a basic criss-cross formation to craft a similar fabric like canvas, but the one with attributes of plastic for water resistance.

Poly canvas vs cotton canvas

Before we get into the why part, first understand what is canvas. This will help you understand the approach behind using poly canvas over cotton canvas.

Initially, the canvas was made from hemp which differs from other heavy cotton fabrics. Heavier cotton fabrics such as denim differ from old canvas fabric as it doesn’t have plain weave. The canvas is now made of either linen or cotton. And, they have their caveats too. Thus, the need for more durable fabric for canvas paved the way for polycanvas.

At present, there are two highly popular canvas fabrics available in the market – cotton and polyester. Polyester is much cheaper than cotton fabric and offers various advantages. The low priced poly canvas fabric is made from plastic fibers. These fibers are recycled to be served in the textile industry; thereby, reducing the carbon footprint.

Pros of polycanvas

  • Poly canvas is less prone to fading, wrinkling, and shrinking as compared to cotton.
  • Poly canvas dries faster than cotton as it absorbs less because of plastic fibers making it more durable.
  • Poly canvas reduces the risk of large rips when used for advertisement hoardings, banners, movie screens or more.
  • It is coated with waterproofing material which makes poly canvas water repellent. The mild dew, spilled water, or rain rolls off quickly.
  • It is a cheap, low maintenance, medium weight, durable, and waterproof fabric.

Cons of polycanvas

  • As polycanvas is made to wick moisture, the plastic fibers help in keeping it warm. The warmth in the fabric may sometimes result in hard bubbles on the surface.
  • The polyester doesn’t absorb ink as well as cotton. The temperature changes cause the lively colors of poly canvas fabric to lose or fade color. Moreover, the ink on the top makes stretches and cracks visible on the outside with time.
  • Cotton has a great advantage over poly canvas when it comes to dyeing. They absorb colors and blend well and do not require extra coating. In a way, the waterproof coating can limit the color absorption.

Uses of poly canvas

Every material has its pros and cons. Based on the purpose you wish to fulfill, all fabrics can exhibit quality performance just like polycanvas. Due to its availability and affordability, poly canvas is used in an array of decorative and creative fabric solutions.

  • It can be used outdoors and indoors, irrespective of rain or sun, in the form of awnings, sunshades.
  • Its water repellent and soft textured surface makes it a great choice for upholstery and seat covers.
  • The possibility of printing, designs, textures, and patterns make it ideal for curtains, and other decorative finishes.
  • It is perfect for pouches, purses, tote bags, and throw pillows.

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