Difference Between Fleece And Micro-Fleece

Fleece vs Microfleece: Key Differences

What is that one word that comes to your mind when you hear the word fleece? If I guess it right, it may be the word “Sheep.” Surprisingly, sheep or its wool is relevant to make fleece or micro-fleece.

Fleece is a synthetic fabric that comes from polyester. Wool has no connection to it. It is also called polar fleece or polyester fleece.

Many a time, fleece is considered a perfect alternative to wool. It provides better warmth to us than woolen clothes in cold weather.


Fleece and microfleece are both suitable for clothing and accessories. They feel soft and comfortable for us. As they are light in weight unusually and provide maximum comfort, they are convenient for everyday use. In general, those who workout daily or any physical activity use these clothes.

Microfleece is a type of fleece that weighs 200 grams per square meter (200 gsm) or less than it. It is almost as trendy as fleece. Microfleece is useful in making activewear like gym clothes, outdoor clothing, sweaters, etc.

Though they appear the same other than weight, they too have some differences. In this article, we discuss the differences in deep.

How are they different?


As you already know, fleece and micro-fleece have the same ingredient in their making—polyester. The fabrics are not different if we look intrinsically. If we go deeper into their making, they get the same parent.

The notable aspect of the difference between the two fabrics is that micro-fleece is one of the many types of fleece. It is the thinnest and lightweight fabric in its fabric family.

You may think if it is the thinnest, why should I opt for it. For sporting and other activities that demand extreme physical involvement, the breathable aspect of the fabric you wear is critical. Micro-fleece checks the box, and hence it is a perfect choice.

Physical factors

Fleece itself is soft and comfortable. The difference between it and micro-fleece is that micro-fleece feels softer than fleece. The comfort aspect of it surpasses that of its parent, fleece.

Due to its utmost soft and comfortable nature, micro-fleece is preferable for physical activity clothing. No other fabric is as comfortable as it if we compare. It goes with the shape of the person and provides extreme comfort.


Fleece is less flexible when compared to micro-fleece. We see many of the athletes and sports persons wear clothes made from micro-fleece for the same reason. They need stretchable clothing, and micro-fleece provides it.

Warmth and other differences

Fleece fabric gives you more warmth than micro-fleece. It lets you stay warm in cold weather. Instead of wearing many garments to bear the wintry weather, you can wear a robe made of any of these fabrics.

Both fleece and micro-fleece occupy less space and easy to carry. The fabrics don’t differ much in this aspect. Even they don’t smell awful with sweating due to physical activity. Also, fleece and micro-fleece dry fast.

One of many benefits these fabrics provide us is they don’t get stained.

There are no many differences between fleece and micro-fleece. They are too ignorable as they are almost the same in everything.

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