Is Crepe Fabric Good For Summer?

Is Crepe Fabric Good For Summer?

Have you ever found a peculiar fabric with wrinkles and uneven texture and wondered what that fabric is? Well, now you know it. That fabric is called ‘Crepe.’ The word ‘Crepe’ comes from a French dish, a small and thin pancake.

Crepe has some distinctive features. The cloth gets unique crests and 3D textures while in its making. This material is available in light and medium weights and is used for making many different types of clothes and accessories. You can also find curtains and pillows in many with the same fabric. That is how popular this fabric is.

Crepe Fabric

Crepe finds its uses in ceremonies or events. The fabric is a traditional one for many cultures around the world. In today’s times, it has its general usage to make high-end fashion and decorative apparel.

Weight Usually lightweight
Uses Gowns, Lining garments, Home decor, etc
Average Price $6 – $50
Cons Not suitable for hot weather

How is it made?

The process of making crepe is stimulating in many aspects. It involves tightly manufacturing fabric by twisting the fibers. The process is called “hard twisting.” The yarn is alternated in S and Z twists to give the distinctive features to the fabric. These are called right-hand and left-hand twisting techniques, which help the fiber result in crepe irrespective of the material. After manufacturing, they treat and dye the crepe and make it into garments.

Can crepe fabric be worn in summer?

The crepe as a fabric is not suitable for summer usage. Even though it is light clothing, it is a bad idea to wear it in summer.

Crepe lends its properties to make winter clothes and clothing accessories. If you mean you can wear clothing accessories made of crepe in summer, you can. But other than accessories, the rest suffocates you inside. If you wear bulky crepe sweaters or scarves, they aid in generating more sweat only. As long as you don’t mind sweating at the cost of good-looking dresses, being dressed in the fabric during summer should be fine.

crepe fabric
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In general, crepe fabric has its usage in the making of scarves and other lightweight clothing. Crepes are available in woolen and silk variants. The woolen variant helps in making sweaters and other heavy clothing. The silk crepe is less durable and doesn’t last long. It helps in creating traditional and expensive clothing that only has its usage in important events and ceremonies.

Mostly, the manufacturers use crepe in making dresses that feel heavy and bulky. They are not suitable for summer usage. You can wear them in summer but for a limited time that too with a lot of uneasiness.

Some variants of crepe have a light texture, but they are not usually suitable for summers. There are a few crepe clothes available exclusively made for summers. They might ease the uneasiness.

Types of Crepe

There are many numbers of crepe variants available in the market. Each crepe has its uses in cloth manufacturing, and they result in rich-looking expensive clothing garments.

  1. Aerophane
  2. Bauté satin
  3. Crepe anglaise
  4. Crepe de sante
  5. Crepeline
  6. Canton crepe
  7. Plissé crepe
  8. Crepon
  9. French crepe


The cost of the crepe fabric also varies with the material used in making them. Some crepe variants come from woolen and silk fiber. They cost more than synthetic ones. the average cost of this fabric is anywhere between $6 and $50.

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