Difference between Chiffon and Georgette

Difference between Chiffon and Georgette

Chiffon and Georgette are two fabrics that are often confused due to their lightweight and sheer texture. Though both the fabrics are favored by fashion designers to a similar extent because they are easy to drape and conform to the availability of an array of colors for designer ensembles. However, chiffon vs georgette differences cannot be overlooked as they have their fair share of unique properties.

What is chiffon?

Chiffon is one of the most lightweight, flowing, and easy to drape, slightly sheer fabric. It is loved by the designers for multiple styling options. It is easy to drape and ideal for all kinds of garments such as dresses with empire waistline, long shirts, Indian ethnic wear including sarees and kurtas. Chiffon is somewhat sheer, thus it is draped in multiple layers.

It is great for light and pastel colors as it does not have a distinct sheen. It has a smoother texture with a lightweight, comfy feel. The texture makes a major difference for chiffon vs georgette.

Originally, it was made of pure silk in the first half of the 20th century. Later, many versions came into play. Thus, chiffon is either made of silk or synthetic materials. It can be translucent or transparent with a balanced sheer depending on the type of materials used in the blend. To know more about Chiffon you can refer our complete guide on Chiffon Fabric.

What is Georgette?

Georgette is a lightweight fabric, with a grainy texture and a semi sheer appearance. The cloth of fabric is woven in highly twisted yarn, which explains the rough texture. Georgette comes in a variety of forms from 100% silk to blend of synthetic and natural fabrics. It is easy to dye in any color. What makes it more common in the textile market is printing. Georgette is the most popular fabric for digital printing and patterns.

It is named after Madame Georgette de la Plante, a renowned 20th century dressmaker. She introduced georgette to the fashion world with a distinctive ‘net finish’ in gowns and dresses. The average weight of georgette ranges between 30 and 80 g/m2.

Initially made of 100% silk, georgette is now available in many forms such as Viscose and poly georgette, making it more breathable and affordable. Satin Georgette, Jacquard georgette, stretch georgette, double georgette, and embroidered georgette are other varieties available in the market.

Differences between Chiffon and Georgette


Chiffon is thinner and has more drape than georgette. Georgette has a slightly less drape and a thick ply makes it a heavier fabric than chiffon.


When it comes to transparency, chiffon is more sheer whereas georgette is opaque or semi sheer.


As georgette is thicker and heavier, it has more body and structure which makes it a good option for soft blouses. However, chiffon is used in dresses for a diaphanous look. Chiffon is layered for volume and modesty because of its sheerness.


Georgette has a bouncy, springy drape while chiffon is more flowy.


Chiffon is less durable as compared to georgette which is stronger and durable due to thickness.


Chiffon has more sheen, but georgette is comparatively dull.


Chiffon is smoother and silkier than georgette which has a rough, grainy texture.


The difference between chiffon and georgette is also attributed to weight. Chiffon weighs between 20 and 50 g/m2, whereas georgette ranges from 30 to 80 g/m2.

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