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Which state is the largest producer of cotton in India?

Hi everyone, I am a farmer from India and I am interested in growing cotton. I have been doing some research on cotton production in India and I have come across various sources that mention different states as the largest cotton producers in the country. I am a bit confused and I would like to know which state is currently the largest producer of cotton in India. This information would help me in planning my cotton production and understanding the market dynamics. Any insights or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello there, I am also a cotton farmer from India and I have personal experience growing cotton in Maharashtra. In my opinion, Maharashtra is one of the top cotton producing states in the country, although Gujarat may currently produce more. One advantage of growing cotton in Maharashtra is that there is a well-established supply chain, with numerous cotton mandis (markets) established around the state. This makes it easier to sell the produce and get a fair price. Additionally, Maharashtra has favorable weather conditions for cotton cultivation and plenty of skilled labor in the farming industry. However, the downside is that there are some issues with pests and diseases that can affect the quality and quantity of cotton produced. It's always important to take proper precautions and use suitable farming practices to mitigate these risks.


Hi there, I am a cotton farmer from Rajasthan, and while Rajasthan might not be the largest producer of cotton in India, it still has a prominent place in the cotton farming industry. Rajasthan has a distinct advantage in that it has the largest area under irrigation in the country, which makes cotton farming a more viable career option for farmers. The soil and climate conditions in Rajasthan are also conducive to growing hybrid varieties of cotton. Rajasthan farmers have been successful in using advanced farming techniques to increase the yield and quality of cotton, as well as minimize the impact of pests and diseases on the crops. With the government also providing support through subsidies, loans and other measures, cotton farming in Rajasthan is an attractive option for many farmers looking to diversify their crop base.

Hi there, as a cotton farmer from India, I can tell you that the state of Gujarat is currently the largest producer of cotton in the country. Gujarat alone accounts for more than 50% of India's cotton production. This is primarily because Gujarat has favorable climate conditions for cotton cultivation and also has advanced technology and infrastructure that supports cotton farming. Additionally, Gujarat has some of the best resources and skilled labor in the cotton industry, which have contributed to the growth and sustainability of cotton farming in the state.


Hello everyone, I am a cotton farmer from Andhra Pradesh and I can tell you that Andhra Pradesh is also one of the top cotton producing states in India. Although it may not produce as much cotton as Gujarat or Maharashtra, it still has a significant contribution to the nation's cotton production. In Andhra Pradesh, we have favorable weather conditions for cotton cultivation, such as warm climatic conditions and access to water resources. We have also adopted advanced technology and farming practices that have helped us increase our cotton yields and quality. In addition, the state government has introduced various supportive policies and schemes to help the cotton farmers, such as subsidies, loans, and insurance schemes. Overall, Andhra Pradesh is a great state to grow cotton, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to enter the cotton farming industry.

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