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What type of needle should I use when sewing Satin?

Hello everyone, I am new to sewing and I was wondering what type of needle would be best to use when sewing with satin fabric? I recently purchased some satin material to make a dress for a special occasion but I am a bit confused about which needle to use. I have a regular set of sewing needles but I'm not sure if they would work well on satin. Can someone please advise me on what type of needle is suitable for this delicate fabric? Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hey there! When I am sewing with satin fabric, I opt for a Microtex needle. The very sharp point on this type of needle makes it perfect for delicate fabrics like satin, and it allows me to make precise stitches with minimal effort. I typically use a size 80/12 needle for lightweight satin fabric, but I may go a size up/down depending on the weight and thickness of my fabric. I would also recommend using a light touch when handling your satin fabric, as it can be quite slippery and prone to shifting. Finally, always ensure that you are using a thread that is suitable for your fabric's weight and doesn't easily break. I hope that helps, happy sewing!


Greetings! I have sewn satin quite a lot in the past, and whenever I work with this fabric, I use a sharp needle with a small eye. A size 70/10 or 80/12 needle works best for me, as it is perfect for the lightweight and delicate satin material. Additionally, I make use of a high-quality thread that blends well with my fabric and complements its color or pattern. This ensures that it won't snap or create any visibility issues while sewing or after my project is complete. Moreover, to avoid puckering while sewing, I would recommend a long stitch length and easing down the pressure on your presser foot to decrease the tension on your fabric. Happy sewing!


Hello there! When sewing satin, I've found that using a size 60/8 needle is the most effective for preventing snags and runs. This needle size is thin and gentle on the fabric, which is especially important when working with delicate satin materials. To further prevent puckering, I like to use a lightweight polyester thread instead of cotton. In my experience, a polyester thread will glide more smoothly through the fabric and will not bunch up as easily. I hope that helps and happy sewing!


Hey there! I've actually used a ballpoint needle when sewing with satin and it worked really well for me. Satin is a slippery fabric and can be prone to snags and runs, but a ballpoint needle has a rounded tip that slides between the fibers instead of piercing through them, which helps to prevent those issues. I used a size 80/12 needle and it worked great on the medium weight satin I was using. Also, to avoid any pucker, I would recommend using a very thin needle and thread. Hope that helps, happy sewing!


Hi there! I've worked with satin quite a bit and I would recommend a sharp, straight stitch needle with a small eye when sewing on satin. I've personally had success with using a size 70/10 or 80/12 needle, but it may also depend on the weight of the satin fabric you are using. Check the needle package to ensure it is suitable for lightweight fabrics. Be sure to also use a light hand when handling the fabric and a high-quality thread to prevent snagging or puckering. Good luck with your project!

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