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What kind of thread works best with Crepe fabric?

Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to sewing and I was wondering what kind of thread works best with crepe fabric? I have a beautiful piece of crepe that I am eager to work with, but I don't want to choose the wrong thread and ruin the fabric. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello! I have worked with crepe fabric on several occasions and would recommend using a high-quality polyester thread. It is more resilient than cotton thread and will withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Additionally, choose a thread color that either matches or complements the crepe fabric color. When sewing, use a smaller stitch length to avoid stretching the fabric and creating puckering. Test your thread tension on a scrap piece of fabric before sewing on your main project.


Hi there! I've worked on many crepe fabric projects and found that a silk thread works best with delicate crepe fabric. The silk thread gives the project an extra luxe feel and has a beautiful sheen that complements crepe fabric's supple drape. One downside is that silk thread is relatively expensive and might not be practical for some projects. In this case, a high-quality polyester thread is also a great option. It is also worth noting that crepe fabric's loose weave may make it vulnerable to unraveling, so be sure to finish your seams with serging, pinking or bias tape to prevent fraying.


Hi there! I've worked with crepe fabric before and I would recommend using a finer thread, such as a 50 or 60 weight, to prevent bulkiness and minimize the appearance of stitches. Also, using a silk or polyester thread will give you a smoother finish than cotton thread. Make sure to test your thread and tension on a scrap piece of fabric before sewing on your actual project. Hope this helps!


Hey! I've had the opportunity to work with different types of crepe fabrics, and I've noticed that it's best to choose a thread based on the weight or thickness of the fabric. In my experience, a finer thread works well with lightweight crepe, while a heavier thread (like a 40 weight or higher) works better with heavier crepe fabrics. Also, be sure to adjust your tension settings accordingly to avoid puckering or damaging your fabric. I hope this helps!


Hey everyone! I've also had some experience working with crepe fabric, and I find that using a stretchy thread works best. It ensures that the thread stretches and moves with the fabric without breaking. You can also use a wool blend thread that gives some stretch and stability to the fabric. Wool blend threads have excellent durability and do not snap quickly, making them ideal for crepe fabrics. One more tip is to adjust your stitch length before sewing. The longer stitch length better accommodates the fabric's drape while a shorter stitch length works best when you need more control.

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