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What is thick lace called?

Hi everyone,

I am currently planning my wedding and I am looking for the perfect lace fabric to use for my wedding dress. I have been doing some research and I keep seeing the term "thick lace" mentioned. I am not sure if this refers to a specific type or if it is just a general descriptive term. Can someone please help me understand what thick lace is? Is there a specific name for it or is it just a matter of finding a lace fabric with a thicker weave? Any help or recommendations on where to find thick lace would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi everyone,

I recently used a thick lace fabric for the bodice of a formal dress and it was absolutely stunning. In my experience, thick lace tends to have a more dimensional effect and can create an almost 3D-like texture that really makes the fabric stand out. This can be especially beautiful for wedding dresses, as it adds a sense of luxury and sophistication.

When searching for thick lace, I recommend looking for fabrics that have a heavier weight and a more pronounced weave. Some types of lace that may be thicker and more textured include guipure lace, embroidered lace, or even some types of crochet lace.

It's also worth noting that thicker lace can be more difficult to work with, especially if you're planning to sew your own wedding dress. So if you don't have a lot of experience working with lace or more intricate fabrics, you may want to consider working with a professional seamstress or tailor to ensure a flawless finished product.

I hope this helps, and happy sewing!


Hello everyone,

I have experience working with thick lace and I can say that it definitely adds a unique and luxurious feel to any garment, especially wedding dresses. Thick lace typically has a more pronounced pattern and texture, which can make it stand out more and create a more eye-catching effect.

I found my thick lace at a local fabric store, and I highly recommend going in-person to really feel and see the fabric up close before committing to a purchase. Online shopping can be difficult when it comes to selecting the right lace fabric, as it can be hard to tell the thickness and texture from a photo.

That being said, there are some online retailers that do offer high-quality lace fabrics, so it's worth checking out if you're not able to find what you're looking for at a local store. Just make sure to read the descriptions carefully and look for terms like "thick," "heavyweight," or "textured" to ensure you're getting the right kind of lace for your wedding dress.

I hope this helps, and happy wedding dress shopping!



I recently made a dress for a friend who wanted a lace fabric with a lot of texture, and I found a great thick lace at a local fabric store. In my experience, thick lace typically has a more raised, three-dimensional feel to it, compared to a flatter or more delicate lace fabric. This type of lace would add a nice depth and richness to a wedding dress, especially if you want to make a statement with your gown.

Another place to look for different types of lace fabrics is online fabric shops. Etsy, for example, has a lot of sellers who offer a wide variety of lace fabrics, including some that are labeled as "thick" or "heavyweight." Just be sure to read the shop's reviews before purchasing, and if possible, order a sample before committing to a larger amount of fabric.

I hope this helps, and happy wedding planning!


Hey there,

I recently used a thick lace fabric for my own wedding dress and I can say from personal experience that thick lace is simply lace that has a tighter weave and more texture to it. It is not a specific type of lace, but rather a characteristic of the fabric. When looking for thick lace, I recommend checking out fabric stores that specialize in bridal fabrics or searching online for lace fabrics that specifically mention having a thicker weave.

I found my thick lace at a local fabric store that specialized in bridal fabrics. They had a section specifically for lace fabrics where I was able to find a few options with a thicker texture. In my opinion, using a thicker lace added a beautiful dimension to my dress and made it feel more unique. I hope this helps and good luck with your own wedding dress search!


Hi there,

I used thick lace for my own wedding dress, and I can tell you that it added a beautiful texture and depth to my gown. In my opinion, thick lace is more substantial and has a heavier weight than other types of lace, making it perfect for a wedding dress with more structure and volume.

I found my thick lace at a specialty fabric store, but I also recommend checking out online retailers that offer a range of lace fabrics. Some online shops even offer sample swatches so you can see and feel the fabric before buying.

One thing to keep in mind is that thick lace may not be the best choice for a summer wedding or a dress with a lot of intricate details, as it can be heavier and more cumbersome to work with. However, if you're looking for a unique and dimensional look, thick lace might just be the perfect choice for your wedding dress.

I hope this helps!

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