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What is the name of first cotton mill?

Hi, I am a history enthusiast and I was reading about the Industrial Revolution when I came across the development of the cotton industry in Britain. I was curious to know about the first cotton mill established in the country. I have read a few accounts but I am unsure of which one to believe. Can anyone help me out with the accurate information and possibly recommend some good sources for further reading? Thanks in advance!

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Hello, I'm impressed with the knowledge shared so far about the first cotton mills. Based on my research, the first known cotton mill in India was established in 1854, known as the Bombay Spinning and Weaving Company. Before this, cotton was spun and woven by hand in India since ancient times.

The Bombay Spinning and Weaving Company led to a surge of cotton mills in the country, with other mills being set up in different parts of India in the subsequent years. Specific places like Ahmedabad and Mumbai became key centers of cotton textile production, and the mill industry became vital to the Indian economy. I learned about this during a visit to Ahmedabad, where the Calico Museum of Textiles provides some valuable insights into the history and development of Indian textiles. It's a fascinating topic to explore, and there is certainly more to learn about the first cotton mills all over the world.


Hi everyone, I have something to add to the discussion about the first cotton mill. In my research, I came across the New Lanark mills in Scotland. They were established in the late 18th century by a social reformer named Robert Owen. These mills were unique in that they were some of the first mills to care for the well-being of its workers, including their housing, education, and healthcare.

Under Owen's management, the mills were extremely successful and became a model for other industrial towns of the time. Interestingly, Owen also prioritized the hiring of women and children, believing they were better suited for many of the tasks required in the mills. I learned about this during my visit to the New Lanark Visitor Center, which includes a museum on Robert Owen and the history of the mills. It's fascinating to see how the cotton mill industry evolved in different parts of the world and how its impact is still felt today.


Hi there, I actually live near the town of Cromford which is known for its early cotton mills. The first cotton mill in Cromford was established by Sir Richard Arkwright in the 1770s. This mill was powered by water, using a waterwheel to turn the machinery. It was a groundbreaking development in the cotton industry as it allowed for faster and more efficient production of cotton yarn. I highly recommend visiting the Cromford Mills museum to learn more about the history of the cotton industry in the area. Hope this helps!


Well, it's interesting to see a fellow history enthusiast keenly interested in the development of cotton mills. I would like to add something to the discussion. In my research, I have found that the first cotton mill in the world was actually built in Rhode Island, USA, a few years before the one in Cromford. The mill was established by Samuel Slater in 1790, and it was based on the design of the cotton mills in the UK. I learned this information during my visit to the Slater Mill Historic Site, which is now a museum showcasing the industrial revolution in America. It was a great experience to witness the evolution of the cotton industry in the US, and seeing the first cotton mill in America was a true highlight of the tour.

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