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What is the difference between Crepe and velvet?

Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of choosing the perfect outfit for a friend's wedding and I have come across two fabric options - crepe and velvet. However, I am not very familiar with the characteristics of these fabrics and I am having a hard time deciding which one to choose. Can anyone please explain to me the difference between crepe and velvet? Which fabric would be better suited for a wedding guest outfit? Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello there! In my experience, crepe and velvet are two very different fabrics with different characteristics. Crepe is a lightweight, airy fabric that's perfect for summer events, as it's comfortable and easy to wear. It has a bouncy, flowy texture that complements many different styles, and it's a great choice if you're looking for something more casual.

On the other hand, velvet is a heavier, more luxurious fabric that's perfect for formal events. It has a soft texture with a slight pile and is often used for evening wear, particularly in colder months. Although velvet is traditionally associated with a more formal look, it can be a versatile fabric that can be combined with many stylish designs.

Regarding weddings, it usually depends on the season, the venue, and the dress code. If the wedding is happening in summer, a crepe fabric could be a better option, as it's more lightweight and breathable. But, If you're attending a winter wedding or the dress code is formal, then a velvet fabric would be an excellent choice as it's usually dressier and warmer.

In summary, when it comes to choosing between crepe and velvet, it all depends on the occasion, the style of the outfit, and personal preferences.


Hi everyone, after reading the previous responses, I would like to add my personal experience with crepe and velvet fabrics.

Crepe is a fabric that I have worked with extensively in my fashion design career. One of the most notable things about this fabric is its versatility. Although it has a delicate appearance, it is an extremely durable fabric that can stand the test of time. It is also easy to care for, and maintains its elegant look even after multiple washes.

Velvet, on the other hand, is a fabric that I love for its richness, depth, and softness. It has elevated the look of many of my evening wear designs, and always looks luxurious and stylish. Although it is often associated with old-fashioned styles, it can be modernized and adapted to fit the current fashion trend.

In terms of wedding guest outfits, either fabric can be a great choice depending on the specific event. A crepe outfit, for example, could be perfect for a beach or garden wedding, as its lightweight texture makes it easy to move around. On the other hand, velvet could be ideal for a formal winter wedding, as you will appreciate the warmth it provides while also looking stunning.

In conclusion, both crepe and velvet fabrics have their strengths and weaknesses, and their suitability for a wedding guest outfit depends on the specific circumstances. When choosing your outfit, take into account the season, time, and location of the wedding, as well as the dress code if there is one, and then decide which fabric would be best suited for you.


Greetings everyone! I would like to put forward my opinion on crepe and velvet fabrics. Crepe has a delicate fabric texture that can be either light or heavy weight with a crisp, crinkled surface that may be stretchy or non-stretchy, depending on the type of crepe fabric. It is most commonly used in the fashion industry for making dresses, blouses, and suits. It has a soft sheen and an elegant drape that makes it ideal for informal events, such as daytime weddings.

On the other hand, velvet has a lustrous surface piled, that is soft and luxurious to the touch. Velvet is mostly made from silk or rayon fabric, and occasionally cotton, and is ideal for evening wear, such as cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and suits. Velvet's plush texture gives it a very elegant and sophisticated appearance that can make you feel ultra-luxe.

In terms of which fabric would be better for a wedding guest outfit, the answer would depend on the time, location, and dress code of the wedding. If the wedding is in the summer, you might want to choose a crepe fabric outfit that is easier to move and dance around in, and keeps you cool. However, if the wedding is in winter, then a velvet fabric outfit would be perfect for the cooler temperatures, and the added texture would make for quite the luxurious outfit. In addition, if the wedding dress code is specified, you should consult it when choosing what fabric to use.

Overall, the choice between crepe and velvet can become a major decision for a wedding guest outfit. Nonetheless, both fabric types are ideal for various occasions based on your preference and the event's details.


Hi there, as someone who has recently attended several weddings, I have some insight into the crepe vs velvet debate for wedding guest outfits.

In my opinion, crepe is a beautiful fabric that works well for daytime weddings or events that are more casual. It has a delicate texture and a slight sheen that adds a level of elegance to the outfit without being too formal. However, for evening weddings or events that are more on the formal side, velvet would be my choice. Nothing compares to the luxurious and rich feeling of velvet, and it is perfect for adding that wow factor to your outfit. It is also a warm fabric, which is great for colder temperatures.

Another thing to consider when choosing between crepe and velvet fabrics is the style of the dress. Crepe is versatile and can work well with various dress styles, including wrap dresses and A-line dresses. Velvet, however, is best suited for dresses that require a certain amount of structure, such as bodycon dresses and maxi dresses.

Overall, both crepe and velvet have their unique characteristics that make them suitable for different occasions. When it comes to weddings, it really depends on the dress code, time, and location of the event. Choose a fabric that will make you feel comfortable and stylish, while also being appropriate for the specific occasion.


Hi there, as someone who has worked in the fashion industry for several years, I can tell you that both crepe and velvet are beautiful and versatile fabrics. However, they do have some notable differences.

Crepe is a lightweight, thin fabric that has a unique texture and a slight sheen. It's perfect for summer events as it's breathable and doesn't stick to your skin. Plus, it's easy to drape and flowy, which is perfect for a wedding guest outfit.

Velvet, on the other hand, is a more formal and luxurious fabric. It has a soft, plush texture that's smooth to the touch and can come in a range of colours. It's a heavier fabric that's perfect for winter weddings, as it's great at keeping you warm. However, since it's a bit more formal, it might not be the best choice if you're looking for something that's more casual.

Overall, I would go with crepe for a wedding guest outfit, as it's more breathable and flowy, which would be perfect for a summer wedding. Plus, it's ideal for dancing as it moves with you. But it really depends on the style and theme of the wedding, so make sure to take that into consideration when making your final decision.

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