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What is the difference between Crepe and Georgette?

Hi everyone,

I am currently looking to buy a dress online and I am confused between the different kinds of materials used. I saw that some dresses are made of crepe while others are made of georgette. I am not sure which one I should go for as I do not know the difference between them. Can someone please explain to me the difference between crepe and georgette? Which one is better for a dress? Thank you in advance for your help!

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I agree with the above response that crepe and georgette are two different materials with distinct characteristics. While crepe is a heavier fabric with a pebbly appearance, georgette is lightweight and falls fluidly on the body. However, I have a different take on which one is better for a dress.

In my opinion, it depends on the style of the dress and not necessarily the occasion. I have both crepe and georgette dresses in my wardrobe, and I find myself leaning more towards crepe dresses as they are more versatile. Crepe can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories that you pair with it.

Georgette is undoubtedly a beautiful fabric, but it has its limitations. Since it is a sheer fabric, it is not suitable for all occasions, especially if the dress is quite revealing. Moreover, georgette is susceptible to snagging and tearing, so you have to be very careful when wearing it.

In conclusion, both crepe and georgette have their pros and cons, and it really depends on your personal preference and the style of the dress. I would recommend trying on dresses in both materials to see which one suits you better.


Hello everyone,

I'd like to add to the discussion by sharing my thoughts on crepe and georgette. I've noticed that some of the responses mentioned that crepe is a heavier fabric, but I'd like to clarify that there are different types of crepe fabric available, some of which are lightweight and perfect for summer dresses.

In my experience, georgette is a delicate fabric that needs special care when washing or ironing. I learned this the hard way when I accidentally burnt a hole in my favorite georgette blouse. On the other hand, crepe is more durable and can withstand a bit of rough handling, which makes it a low-maintenance option for those who prefer fuss-free clothing.

In terms of style, both crepe and georgette have their unique charm. I personally love how georgette drapes and flows, making it ideal for dresses with a lot of movement, like maxi or A-line dresses. Meanwhile, crepe has a stiffer drape, which is perfect for dresses with a more structured silhouette, like shift or sheath dresses.

Overall, the choice between crepe and georgette comes down to your personal preference and the occasion. If you're looking for a dress that is easy to care for and has a structured look, crepe is the way to go. On the other hand, if you're looking for a dress with a flowy, romantic feel that is perfect for formal events, georgette is your best option.


Hi there,

I recently went through the same dilemma when I was shopping for a dress online. I did some research and found out that crepe is a more textured material with a pebbly appearance. It is a heavier fabric than georgette and is more opaque. On the other hand, georgette is a lightweight material that falls fluidly on the body. It is a sheer fabric that is perfect for summer dresses.

In terms of which one is better for a dress, it really depends on the occasion and the style of the dress. If you are looking for a more formal dress, then crepe would be a good option as it gives a more structured look. However, if you are looking for a flowy summer dress, then georgette would be the better choice.

Personally, I prefer georgette as I find it more comfortable to wear during the summer months. However, it really depends on your personal preference and the occasion for which you are buying the dress.

Hope this helps!


Hello everyone,

I'd like to share my two cents about crepe and georgette as well. I agree with the previous responses that crepe is a more textured and heavier material, while georgette is a lightweight fabric that drapes beautifully.

However, as someone who is conscious of the environment, I believe it's important to consider the sustainability aspect when it comes to clothing materials. Crepe is usually made of synthetic fibers, while georgette is often made of natural fibers like silk or cotton. If purchasing eco-friendly clothing is important to you, then you may want to consider georgette as the better choice over crepe.

In terms of style, I think it really depends on your personal preferences and body type. I find that crepe dresses tend to have a more formal and mature look, while georgette dresses can have a more bohemian and youthful feel. Additionally, georgette dresses can be very forgiving for various body types, as the flowy fabric can hide problem areas.

Overall, I suggest considering the sustainability aspect of the materials when making your choice between crepe and georgette. Ultimately, it comes down to your individual style, comfort, and preference. Happy shopping!

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