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What is soft lace called?

Hello everyone,

I'm currently searching for a specific type of lace that has a softer texture than traditional lace. I'm looking for something that is delicate, lightweight and has a stretchy quality to it. I'm planning to use it for a lingerie project that I'm working on and I want it to be both comfortable and stylish.

I've heard that there are different types of soft lace available, but I'm not sure what they are called or where I can buy them. Can anyone suggest a specific type of soft lace that would be suitable for lingerie? Also, it would be helpful if someone could recommend a reputable online store where I can find this type of lace.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there,

I think what you are looking for is called stretch lace. Stretch lace is a type of lace that is made with a blend of polyester and spandex, which gives it a soft touch and a lot of stretch. It's perfect for lingerie as it is both comfortable and form-fitting.

I have used stretch lace for a few projects before and I have found that it is much easier to work with than traditional lace. It doesn't fray as much and it is much more forgiving when it comes to mistakes.

In terms of where to buy stretch lace, I would recommend checking out online fabric stores such as or Mood Fabrics. They have a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs.

I hope this helps!



Soft lace is a popular type of lace that is perfect for various projects that require a delicate yet durable material. One of the types of lace that suit this description is the Chantilly lace.

This type of soft lace is produced using a blend of silk thread and cotton or nylon. It is lightweight and soft to the touch, yet it's also strong enough to withstand the rigors of sewing and handling. Additionally, you can dye it whichever color you want to suit your project.

I have used Chantilly lace before for a dressmaking project, and it was an amazing experience. It's very easy to stitch and handle, and you're sure to achieve a flawless finished product every time.

When it comes to purchasing Chantilly lace, there are numerous online and physical stores that offer this type of lace. You can find them on stores such as Etsy and Amazon.

Hope this was helpful!


Hello everyone,

I would like to suggest Alençon lace as another option for those looking to work with soft lace. Alençon lace is a French needle lace that is known for its intricacy and delicate look. It is made by hand with fine cotton or silk threads, and can also come with a netted base.

I've used Alençon lace for a special occasion dress, and it was stunning. The lace adds a timeless and classic touch that is perfect for special occasion wear. It's also very soft and comfortable, so it could work well for lingerie too.

It's worth mentioning that Alençon lace can be quite expensive, but the high-quality and luxurious look are well worth it. You can buy it at specialty fabric stores or online lace stores.

I hope this suggestion helps!


Hi everyone,

I would like to add a type of lace to the mix that is perfect for edgier, modern projects- elastic lace. Elastic lace is made using a stretchy material such as spandex, which makes it ideal for projects that require a lot of movement. It's lightweight, comfortable, and often comes in bold colors.

I've used elastic lace to make a stretchy headband, and it was a hit! The lace added a fun and playful element to the headband, and it stayed in place even through lots of movement and activity. It's an excellent option for activewear, which requires a snug and stretchy material.

You can purchase elastic lace at craft stores, specialty fabric stores, and online shops such as Mood Fabrics and

I hope this helps someone looking for a stretchy, soft, and modern-looking lace!


Hi there,

Another type of soft lace that I've used before is called Guipure lace. This type of lace is made by embroidering a pattern onto a very fine netting, creating a textured and intricate design. Guipure lace is thicker and sturdier than many other laces, which also makes it more durable.

I've used Guipure lace for a summer dress, and it was perfect. The lace had a unique texture that added depth to the dress, and the intricate design made it look very high-end. It also sews well and doesn't fray easily.

Guipure lace is available in many different designs and colors and can be found at specialty fabric stores or online shops such as Lace Heaven or It could work great for both fashion and lingerie projects.

I hope this helps!


Hi everyone,

When it comes to soft lace, one of my favorite types is the eyelash lace. It's a delicate lace that gives off an ethereal vibe, thanks to its frayed or "eyelashed" edges. Eyelash lace is made using fine threads of nylon or rayon and is often used in bridalwear and lingerie.

I've used eyelash lace for a lingerie project, and it added a touch of elegance and femininity to my piece. The frayed edges give it a delicate and whimsical quality that makes it stand out. It's also quite easy to work with and can be sewn manually or with a machine.

You can purchase eyelash lace from specialty fabric stores, both online and offline. I personally bought mine at a local fabric store in my area, but there are also options like Mood Fabrics and Lace Heaven if you prefer online shopping.

I hope this recommendation helps!


Hello everyone,

I would like to recommend a soft lace known as the crochet lace. This type of lace is made using a hook and yarn, giving it a unique and handmade quality. Crochet lace can be made using a variety of yarns and colors, so it's very versatile and perfect for projects that require a personal touch.

I have used crochet lace to add detail to a handmade blanket and it turned out beautifully! The lace gave the blanket a delicate and vintage look that was very charming. Crochet lace is also quite soft and perfect for blankets, shawls, and other cozy items.

Crochet lace is readily available in many stores that sell craft supplies, and various online marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon. It's an excellent choice for someone looking to add a personal touch to their projects while still using a delicate and soft material.

I hope this suggestion helps!

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