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Is crepe fabric wrinkle free?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to buy a crepe fabric dress for a special event, but I am concerned about its wrinkle resistance. I have had bad experiences with crepe fabric in the past, where it wrinkles easily and looks unkempt after a few hours of wear.

Can anyone let me know if crepe fabric is wrinkle-free or if it has a tendency to wrinkle easily? I would appreciate any advice on how to prevent crepe fabric from wrinkling, or if there are any specific crepe blends that are wrinkle-resistant.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hey everyone,

I have recently purchased a crepe top and have noticed that it wrinkles easily. However, I love the fabric and would like to continue wearing it. Based on my experience, I have found that ironing the crepe fabric on low heat with a damp cloth on top really helps to remove the wrinkles. It's important not to use high heat, as it can damage the fabric.

Another tip is to hang the crepe garment while it's still damp after washing, which helps to remove any creases and wrinkles.

In terms of blend, I have found that crepe fabrics with elastane or spandex have better wrinkle resistance compared to those without.

I hope this helps answer the question and happy crepe wearing!


Hey everyone,

As someone who loves wearing crepe fabric, I agree that it tends to wrinkle easily. However, I have found that the level of wrinkle resistance varies depending on the type of crepe fabric. For example, a double crepe fabric is denser and has a tighter weave which makes it less wrinkly than other types.

To prevent wrinkles, I suggest hanging the crepe garment to dry after washing, and then ironing it on a low heat or steaming it to remove any creases. I've also found that storing the garment in a cool, dry place can help prevent wrinkles from forming.

Lastly, if you plan on traveling with a crepe garment, I recommend packing it in a garment bag or rolling it up gently to avoid creasing.

While it may require a little extra care, I believe that the luxurious look and feel of crepe fabric makes it worth the effort.


Hi there,

I have owned a few crepe fabric dresses in the past, and in my experience, they do tend to wrinkle easily. However, I have found that using a steamer to remove any wrinkles before wearing can help a lot. I also avoid folding or bunching up the dress too much while storing it, as that can cause wrinkles that are harder to remove.

That being said, I have also come across some crepe blends that are more wrinkle-resistant, so it might be worth asking the shop or looking for fabric blends that include polyester or elastane.

I hope that helps!



In my experience, crepe fabric tends to wrinkle more easily than some other types of fabric. However, this hasn't stopped me from purchasing and wearing crepe garments since I love the way they look and feel.

One trick that has worked for me is to steam the crepe fabric with a handheld steamer. This helps to remove wrinkles without the need for direct heat or ironing. Another option is to take the crepe garment to a professional dry cleaner who can get rid of any wrinkles while also preserving the fabric's texture and quality.

I've also come across some crepe blends that are advertised as being more wrinkle-resistant than others. These blends may use a mix of natural and synthetic fibers, and I have found that they do tend to hold up better in terms of wrinkle resistance.

Overall, I would say that while crepe may not be the most wrinkle-resistant fabric out there, with some proper care and attention, it's definitely worth incorporating into your wardrobe.


Hi there,

I have had mixed experiences with crepe fabric in terms of its wrinkle resistance. I have owned some crepe dresses that wrinkled terribly after even a short period of wear or storage, and others that held up surprisingly well.

In my opinion, the ability of crepe fabric to resist wrinkles may also depend on the quality of the fabric and the specific weave or blend used. I have found that natural fiber crepes like silk and cotton tend to wrinkle more easily compared to synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon.

My suggestion would be to look for crepe fabrics with a tighter weave and texture, which may have better wrinkle resistance. Also, try to avoid folding or packing the dress too tightly for an extended period, which can make the wrinkles more difficult to remove.

Hope this helps!


Hi fellow fashion enthusiasts,

I completely agree with user 3 that crepe fabrics with a blend of elastane or spandex tend to be more wrinkle-resistant. I have several crepe dresses and tops made from such blends that do not wrinkle as easily as those without.

Additionally, I have noticed that the way a crepe fabric garment is stored can impact its vulnerability to wrinkles. I recommend hanging the garment in a closet rather than folding it, as folding can cause unsightly creases that are hard to remove. If you must fold it for storage, take care to use tissue paper or a clean piece of cloth to cushion the fabric and prevent wrinkles.

Lastly, make sure to read the care instructions specified on the garment's label since the type of washing and drying might affect its wrinkle resistance.

Hope these tips help!

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