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Is crepe fabric suitable for summer?

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some advice on whether crepe fabric is suitable for summer. As the weather is heating up, I want to make sure that I am wearing fabrics that are cool and comfortable. However, I really like the drape and texture of crepe fabric and was wondering if it is a good choice for summer clothing.

I am looking for any personal experiences or advice on whether crepe fabric is breathable and lightweight enough for summer wear. Any tips on specific types of crepe fabric that are better for warm weather would also be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there,

I have some experience wearing crepe fabric during the summer, and I would say that it can definitely work for warm weather. While crepe is typically a thicker fabric, it often has a slightly crinkled texture that allows for air flow and breathability. I have found that crepe blouses and dresses can be quite comfortable in the heat, especially if they are somewhat loose-fitting.

That being said, I would recommend looking for crepe fabrics that are on the lighter side. Some crepes can be quite heavy and hot, so you want to choose something that won't weigh you down. Additionally, I would avoid any crepes that are unlined, as they can be scratchy and uncomfortable against bare skin in hot weather.

One other thing to keep in mind is that crepe can sometimes wrinkle quite easily, so you may want to choose pieces that have a bit of stretch or that don't require ironing.

Overall, I think crepe can be a great choice for summer clothing if you select the right type and style of fabric. Hope this helps!


Hello everyone,

I have also worn crepe fabric during summers and personally speaking, it does not work very well for me. It is true that crepe fabrics can provide good air circulation and are slightly breathable due to their texture, however, those were not enough to keep me from feeling overly warm and uncomfortable during hot days.

I would recommend sticking to lighter-weight and thinner fabrics, such as cotton or linen, that can wick our moisture effectively to keep you cool during the summer season. These fabrics don't cling to your skin and let the airflow easily that makes them perfect for summer.

However, if you still prefer crepe fabric, I suggest you choose a lighter and thinner version of it that won't make you feel sweaty or heavy. Loose-fitting garments with airy cuts made from crepe can also work during summer if styled carefully.

To sum up, go for a cotton or linen fabric if you want to stay cooler in the summer heat. Alternatively, consider picking lighter versions of crepe and loose clothing styles while avoiding thick crepe fabrics.



I have experience with wearing crepe fabric during summer, and I would have to say it wasn't the most comfortable fabric. I found that it didn't feel lightweight enough and didn't provide enough air circulation to keep me cool. The fabric felt smothering and clung to my skin, which was uncomfortable during hot temperatures.

Sometimes crepe fabrics look great on the hanger, but when worn during summer, they feel like a bad decision. Instead, I opt for fabrics such as linen or cotton, which work great during summer. These materials are breathable and don't trap sweat like crepe fabrics do, thus keeping you fresh and cool in the heat.

However, if you are still looking to incorporate crepe fabric into your summer wardrobe, it's better to look for lighter-weight options. Loose-fitting and breathable crepe garments such as flowy dresses or skirts can work well during summer. Additionally, avoid wearing structured pieces such as blazers or pants in crepe during summer as these tend to trap heat and sweat.

To wrap it up, while crepe fabric might not be the perfect match for summer due to its thickness, you can try lighter-weight options if you desire. Still, I would recommend cotton or linen as a more suitable fabric for the summer weather.


Hi everyone,

I personally find crepe fabric suitable for warm weather, including summers. As opposed to some of the opinions previously shared, I feel crepe is breathable and lightweight when compared to certain other options like polyester. I gravitate towards crepe during summer because it is a lightweight fabric that hangs well and does not cling to my skin.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing crepe is the type of weave or texture. The heavier crepe fabrics are not suitable for hot summer days; instead, I choose lighter crepes with better texture that are easier to wear. I would recommend checking out crepes that are on the thinner side, with a softer texture; these fabrics are sure to keep you comfortable and cool during summer.

When it comes to styling, I lean towards flowy silhouettes that allow air to circulate naturally; they keep you cool and comfortable during hot temperatures. To complete the look, I add jewelry and sandals to make it more vibrant and fashionable.

To conclude, I think crepe fabrics can work perfectly well for summers, depending on the quality of the crepe and the style of the garment. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and the suitability of the fabric itself concerning your body's response to heat.


Hey there,

I love crepe fabric, and I have to say it works pretty well for me in summers. Although it is not as breathable as cotton, it is still a lightweight fabric and doesn't trap heat. Additionally, crepe provides an excellent drape and adds texture to your outfit that can't be achieved through other fabrics.

One thing to keep in mind while wearing crepe during summer is to consider the garment structure. Loose-fitting blouses or dresses with wider sleeves would permit air to flow easily, while structured pieces with a closer cut, such as pants or jackets, can feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Another key takeaway is to favour lighter-weight crepe fabrics that won't weigh you down, avoid the heavyweight options. I prefer a crepe fabric that feels silky and smooth on the skin, which makes it comfortable during those hot summer days.

To sum it up, crepe can work well during the summer season, and it entirely depends on the specific type of crepe fabric, garment structure, and personal preferences. Overall, I would say it's worth considering if you need a break from cotton and linen fabrics. Hope this helps!


Hey there,

I also have some experience wearing crepe fabric during the summer season. In my opinion, crepe can be a relatively good choice for a breathable summer fabric. While it can be a bit heavyweight, crepe is an airy fabric that can easily glide over your skin thus keeping you cool.

When selecting crepe fabric for summer clothing, I would recommend picking out crepe with a lighter weight as it'll provide more comfort. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, crepe fabric wrinkles easily, so it would be a better choice to opt for a dress or garment that has a fitted waist or tailored seams. In my experience, switching between my preference for crepe and lighter fabrics helps me stay cool during the hottest summer months.

So, if you love the texture and drape of crepe and would like to wear it this summer, you can, but paying attention to the weight of your fabric is key to a comfortable summer. I hope this was of help!

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