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Is crepe breathable?

Hi everyone,

I am currently in the process of choosing the perfect fabric for my summer dress. I came across crepe fabric and I am really drawn to its lightweight and flowy texture. However, I am concerned about its breathability. As someone who lives in a hot and humid climate, breathability is a crucial factor for me when it comes to choosing fabrics for my clothes.

So, can someone please tell me if crepe fabric is breathable? Will it keep me cool during those scorching summer days? I would appreciate any insights or personal experiences with this fabric. Thank you in advance!

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Yes, crepe fabric is breathable. I have a few summer dresses made from crepe fabric and they are my go-to outfits on hot and humid days. The fabric allows air to circulate through it, keeping me cool and comfortable. However, I would recommend choosing a lighter weight crepe fabric if breathability is your main concern. Some crepe fabrics can be heavier and may not be as breathable as the lighter ones. But overall, crepe fabric is a great choice for summer clothing.


I recently made a crepe fabric blouse to wear to a summer wedding, and I found it to be quite breathable. Although I was worried about the heat, the fabric allowed air to flow through it, which kept me feeling comfortable throughout the event. What I appreciated most about crepe is that it doesn't stick to your skin as much as some other fabrics do. It has a nice drape to it, which can help to keep you cool, even on the hottest days. If you're looking for a breathable fabric for your summer wardrobe, I would definitely recommend giving crepe a try.


I have mixed feelings about the breathability of crepe fabric. While it does have a nice texture and drape, I've found that some crepe fabrics can feel somewhat stifling on hot days. The thickness of the fabric can also play a role in how breathable it is. That said, I have owned a few crepe dresses that were quite comfortable and easy to wear in the summer. It really depends on the specific type of crepe and how it's made. If you're unsure about the breathability of a particular fabric, I would recommend checking reviews or asking a fabric specialist for their opinion.


In my personal experience, crepe fabric can be breathable, but it ultimately depends on the weight and quality of the fabric. I've worn lightweight crepe blouses and dresses that were comfortable and airy on hot summer days, but I've also owned heavier crepe fabrics that felt stifling in the heat. Additionally, crepe fabric can sometimes have a rough texture, which can make it feel uncomfortable against the skin. If you're considering buying crepe fabric for summer clothing, I would recommend touching and feeling the fabric before purchasing it to gauge its texture and weight. Overall, as with any fabric, it's important to choose the right weight and quality for the climate you'll be wearing it in.


I have found crepe fabric to be quite breathable, especially during the warmer months. I live in a tropical climate and tend to wear lighter weight crepe fabrics which are not only breathable but also flowy, which gives them an airy and comfortable feel. But it’s important to note that different types of crepe fabrics can have varying degrees of breathability. Some can feel a bit heavier and may not be as comfortable in warmer weather. Additionally, if the garment is fitted, it may restrict air flow and lead to a less comfortable feeling. As with any type of fabric, it’s important to choose based on the climate and the fit of the garment. Overall, crepe fabrics can be great options for summer clothing, but I recommend trying on items to ensure they suit you and the climate you’ll be wearing them in.

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