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Is crepe a hot fabric?

Hey everyone! I've been very curious about crepe fabric lately and whether it's a hot fabric or not. I've been eyeing a cute dress made out of crepe, but I'm worried it might be too warm for me to wear comfortably. I live in a really hot and humid climate, so I need to be careful about the fabrics I wear. Can anyone tell me from personal experience whether crepe is a hot fabric or not? And if it is, are there any ways to make it more breathable? Thank you so much!

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Hello everyone! I'm so glad to see this discussion about crepe fabric. From my personal experience, crepe is a fabric that can either be hot or not depending on the weather and how it is being layered. During hot and humid summers, I tend to avoid crepe entirely as it clings to the skin and can be very uncomfortable.

However, in fall and spring temperatures, crepe comes into its own. During these milder seasons, I love layering my crepe tops and dresses with jackets or cardigans, since this helps to create a breathable and comfortable outfit. Crepe has an elegant and sophisticated drape that works well with different outfits and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Overall, crepe is not a hot fabric as long as you are mindful of how you style it.


Hey there! I used to own a crepe blouse that was my go-to during the summer months. I found it to be a great fabric for warmer weather because it was very lightweight and airy. I didn't feel hot or sweaty wearing it, which was a major plus. However, I do agree that the thickness of the fabric can make a difference. Some types of crepe can be thicker and might not be as breathable, so it really depends on the specific item you're looking at.

One tip I have for making crepe more breathable is to layer it with other lightweight fabrics. For example, if you're looking at a crepe dress that might be a bit heavier, you could try wearing it with a cotton slip or lightweight jacket that allows for more ventilation. This way, you can still wear the dress without overheating.


Hi everyone! I've worn outfits made out of crepe in both summer and winter months. In my experience, crepe is a fairly breathable fabric that allows the skin to breathe. However, it's important to note that different types of crepe may have varying degrees of breathability. For instance, a thick crepe fabric might not be ideal for hot summers, while lightweight crepe fabrics would be perfect.

To make crepe more breathable during hot summer days, you can accessorize with items that allow for more ventilation. Pair your crepe dress with sandals, a straw hat or a light scarf to help regulate your body temperature. Crepe is also an excellent fabric for layering in cooler months because of its lightweight texture. I hope this helps!


I live in a hot and humid climate as well, and I've worn clothes made of crepe in the summers. In my experience, crepe is not a very hot fabric, and it can actually be quite breathable. Unlike heavier fabrics like silk or wool, crepe is very light and flowy, and it doesn't cling to your skin.

That being said, some types of crepe can be less breathable than others depending on the thickness of the fabric. So, it's always best to check the weight and feel of the fabric before purchasing a dress made out of it. Additionally, you can make crepe more breathable by choosing looser-fitting garments with ample air circulation. I hope this helps!

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