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Is black jeans called denim?

Hey guys, I have a question about black jeans - are they considered denim? I've always thought of denim as referring only to blue jeans, but I've seen some black jeans that look like they may also be made of denim material. I'm trying to figure out if I should refer to them as denim or if there's a different term I should be using. Any insights or opinions would be really helpful, thank you!

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Hey there! As someone who wears black jeans almost exclusively, I can tell you that they are indeed often made of denim material. However, I think the distinction between blue denim and black denim is less about the material and more about the dye used in the coloring process. So while black jeans may be considered denim, I don't think it's wrong to refer to them simply as black jeans. In fact, I find that when I'm shopping for jeans, most retailers use the terms "denim" and "jeans" interchangeably regardless of color. So I don't think you'll offend anyone by using either term!

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