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How can I prevent Satin fabric from slipping when I'm sewing it?

Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new to sewing and recently started working on a project that involves using satin fabric. However, I am having a hard time keeping the fabric from slipping and sliding around while I'm trying to sew it. I've heard that using pins can be helpful, but even when I use a ton of pins, the fabric still moves around.

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks for keeping satin fabric in place while sewing? I'm really eager to complete this project and would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you in advance!

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Hello everyone!

I also faced the same issue while sewing satin fabric for the first time. In my case, instead of tissue paper, I used strips of tear-away stabilizer. It is a thin, lightweight stabilizer that tears away cleanly after stitching.

I placed the stabilizer strips on both sides of the fabric, and then pinned everything together. This helped to keep the fabric in place while sewing. Once the stitching was done, I gently tore away the stabilizer, and voila! The fabric looked great.

I should note that tear-away stabilizer might not be a suitable option for certain types of satin because it may leave some residue, so do a test run to ensure it works perfectly before shifting to the final project.

I hope this solution helps you with your sewing projects. Keep sewing and have fun!


Hi there!

I had the same issue when I started working with satin fabric. I found that using a rotary cutter and cutting mat, instead of using scissors, helped a lot in reducing the amount of slipping. Also, I suggest using a walking foot on your sewing machine, as it helps feed the fabric through the machine evenly and eliminates the need to tug at the fabric while sewing.

Another thing that helped me was using a stabilizer or interfacing to the back of the fabric. This prevents the fabric from shifting and also adds structure to the fabric.

Finally, if you're still having trouble, try using fabric weights to hold the fabric in place before sewing, in addition to pins. Good luck with your project!


Hello there,

I've also faced the issue of satin fabric slipping while sewing, and I found using a tissue paper helped to stabilize the fabric. It's all about the positioning, so place a sheet of tissue paper on either side of the fabric, and then pin everything in place. Since the tissue paper has some friction, you can easily sew the fabric without it shifting.

Once done sewing, you can carefully tear off the tissue paper, taking care not to damage the fabric. Also, make sure to test this method on a small scrap of fabric first to ensure that the tearing process doesn't damage your project.

I hope this trick helps you in the future. Happy sewing!



I've struggled with the same issue while sewing satin fabric, and one method that worked for me was using a plastic slider foot. The plastic slider foot glides over the fabric smoothly, and it helped me to maintain an even stitch length without any slipping.

Also, I found that using tailor's chalk to mark the fabric helped me to visualize the stitch lines and follow them without any sliding. I marked out the stitch lines lightly with the chalk, and it helped me align the fabric under the needle while sewing.

However, make sure to test the tailor's chalk on a small scrap of fabric first, to make sure that it doesn't leave any markings on the final product.

I hope this method helps anyone who's struggling with slipping satin fabric. Good luck with your sewing adventures!


Hello everyone,

I had the same issue while sewing satin fabric, and I found a combination of using spray basting and a walking foot to work well. The spray basting helps to keep the fabric in place, and the walking foot helps to feed it through the machine evenly.

I also tried placing tissue paper on the satin fabric, but it didn't work for me as it caused more slipping. I found that using washaway stabilizer was a viable option that worked well for me.

I placed the washaway stabilizer on the back of the satin fabric, and then pinned the fabric in place. This method helps to stabilize the fabric without any damage to the project. Once done sewing, I rinsed away the stabilizer in cold water, and my project looked wonderful and polished.

I hope this solution helps you in your future projects. Keep sewing!



I have also faced the issue of satin fabric slipping while sewing. While I was searching for solutions, I came across a technique called "spray basting." This involves using a temporary adhesive spray to hold the fabric in place before sewing.

I found that using a thin layer of spray adhesive on the back of the fabric helped the fabric stick to the fabric or lining beneath it securely. You can even use this method to hold zippers and other embellishments in place. However, a little admonition should be noted as the spray tends to remain on needles and should be cleaned often.

Although using pins helps, I found that the adhesive provided by the spray was more effective. I hope this tip helps and good luck with your project!

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