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Can we wear satin saree in summer?

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. I have a question about wearing sarees in summer. I have a beautiful satin saree that I want to wear to an upcoming event, but I am not sure if it's suitable for the summer season. I have some concerns about sweating and feeling uncomfortable in the heat.

I usually wear cotton or linen sarees during summers as they are more breathable and keep me cool. But, this satin saree is quite special to me, and I don't want to miss the opportunity to wear it. Do you think it's okay to wear a satin saree during the summer months? If yes, how can I make myself comfortable in it and avoid feeling too hot?

Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hello everyone,

I have worn a satin saree a few times during summer, and I think it's a personal choice. While I agree with the previous user that satin can trap heat and feel uncomfortable, I think it depends on the location and the time of the event.

For example, at an outdoor event during the day, it might not be the best choice, but if it's an indoor event with air conditioning, it's more manageable. I would recommend choosing a light-colored satin saree with minimal embroidery, and avoiding layering any extra jewelry.

In addition to the previous suggestions, I've found that carrying a small hand fan or using a portable handheld fan can be helpful in providing some relief from the heat. You can also wear a blouse with breathable material such as cotton or net to feel more comfortable.

Finally, hydrating yourself is crucial. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself cool by using a cooling spray mist.

Overall, wearing a satin saree in summer is possible, and if you really want to wear it, it's important to choose the right material and dress accordingly. But, make sure you prioritize your comfort and go for an outfit that keeps you cool.



I would say that wearing a satin saree in summer is possible, but you need to be cautious about the color and pattern of the saree. Dark colors or heavy embroidery might not be suitable for hot months, so it's better to choose light-colored satin sarees with simple designs.

Also, make sure you choose the right fabric for the blouse. A blend of cotton and silk could be a great option, as it will help you stay cool and comfortable while complementing the look of the saree. Another suggestion is to opt for a sleeveless or short-sleeved blouse to avoid sweating.

I wore a satin saree to a summer wedding, and I felt comfortable throughout the event. However, I made sure to wear it during the evening when the temperature was a bit cooler. I also carried a small fan with me to keep myself cool.

So, my advice is to choose the right color and fabric, wear the saree during the cooler parts of the day, and carry something to keep you cool. I hope these tips help you!


Hi there,

I have worn a couple of satin sarees during the summer season, and I have found that it is possible to wear them comfortably. I think the key is to choose the right color, fabric and style that will keep you feeling cool.

Firstly, you should opt for a light-colored satin saree that is not too heavy or embellished. A plain or lightly embroidered saree with lighter shades, such as pastels or whites, will help reflect the sun's heat and make you feel less hot.

Secondly, consider the style of the saree. A loose-draped saree style allows air to circulate, keeping you comfortable and cool compared to a tightly draped saree. You can also drape your saree in an unusual flowing style to allow more air circulation around your body.

Lastly, I suggest wearing a cotton blouse or a silk blouse with a netted back to allow airflow. You can match a cotton blouse in a contrasting shade or a silk blouse with a complimentary shade to the saree to add more elegance to the attire. Carrying a hand-held fan will also come handy to beat excessive heat, humidity, or sweat.

In conclusion, wearing a satin saree in summer is possible with some modifications and precautions. Remember to dress according to the weather and carry accessories to help you stay comfortable.


Hi everyone,

I have worn a satin saree during summer, and I have mixed feelings about it. I must say that it did look beautiful, and I received compliments from everyone, but the heat made it difficult to manage.

Wearing satin during summer can be uncomfortable, but there are some techniques you could use to make it more manageable. My suggestion would be to wear a light-weight satin saree in pastel shades, which will look beautiful and keep you cool in the heat.

Another essential factor is a blouse. Choose a blouse that is made of breathable materials such as cotton or netted fabric. These blouses will help you feel comfortable and provide some ventilation, preventing you from sweating excessively.

Besides, it's also important to pay attention to the drape of the saree. A loosely-draped saree can increase airflow between your skin and the fabric, making you feel cooler. You can also wear a sleeveless blouse or a blouse with shorter sleeves to feel more comfortable.

Lastly, during long wedding ceremonies or outdoor events, make sure to take breaks often and drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated. Also, carrying a small handheld fan or a water spritzer can be effective in helping you tackle excessive heat.

In conclusion, wearing a satin saree during the summer can be done, but it's important to choose the right style, color, and fabric. Be aware of your comfort level and take some precautions to make sure you can enjoy the event!


Hey Everyone,

My cousin's wedding was in summer last year, and I decided to wear a satin saree for the occasion. Initially, I was hesitant to wear it during summer, but it was a beautiful saree and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to wear it.

So, I took some precautions to keep myself comfortable. I wore a light-colored silk blouse to allow my skin to breathe and not feel too hot. I also carried a small hand fan and a water spray mist with me, which helped me stay cool throughout the event.

To avoid feeling trapped in the heat, I draped the saree in a loose style to allow air circulation and prevent sweating. While dancing or moving around, I made sure to take breaks in a cooler area and drank enough water to stay hydrated.

So, my suggestion would be to choose a lighter and breathable fabric while pairing it with a silk or cotton blouse. You can also accessorize your saree with some lightweight jewelry to avoid feeling weighed down. And most importantly, have some cooling mechanism in place such as a handheld fan or a mist spray.

By taking these small measures, you can manage to wear a satin saree during summer and still look and feel great.


I have worn a satin saree during summer, and I have to say that it was not the best decision. Satin tends to trap heat and doesn't allow your skin to breathe, making you feel hot and uncomfortable. Despite choosing a light-colored saree, I still felt extremely sweaty.

If you're someone who doesn't mind feeling a bit uncomfortable to look good, then you might want to give it a try. I'd still suggest wearing light-colored satin sarees with minimal work on them to avoid trapping any extra heat. You also might want to wear a cotton petticoat instead of the usual satin one as it will keep you cooler.

What I did to avoid the uncomfortable feeling was that I kept a spare cotton dupatta with me and draped it around my neck to help absorb any sweat. I also made sure to take occasional breaks in a cool area.

So, in conclusion, wearing a satin saree in summer is possible, but it might not be the most comfortable option. If you do, make sure you dress according to the weather and carry something along to make you feel more comfortable.

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