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Can I use Crepe fabric for soft furnishings and upholstery projects?

Hey guys! I am new to the world of soft furnishings and upholstery projects, and I am currently in the process of selecting the best fabrics for my upcoming project. I came across crepe fabric and I really like its texture and feel. However, I am not sure if it's suitable for soft furnishings and upholstery projects. Can anyone advise me on whether it's a good choice or not? I would really appreciate your experiences and insights on this topic. Thank you in advance!

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Hi there! As someone who has made soft furnishings and upholstery projects in the past, I can share my experience regarding crepe fabric. I would say that it depends on the specific project you're planning to undertake. In general, crepe fabric is a lightweight material that is typically used for clothing, but it can also work great for some soft furnishings and upholstery projects, depending on the style and design of the piece.

The main advantage of crepe fabric is that it has a gorgeous drape and texture, which can add depth and richness to your soft furnishings and upholstery projects. It's also available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which makes it a versatile choice for many different decor styles. However, crepe fabric can be tricky to work with if you don't have experience with sewing and upholstery, since it tends to fray easily and can stretch out of shape if not handled carefully.

In my opinion, if you're planning to make a light, airy, and elegant soft furnishing item like curtains, drapes, or pillows, crepe fabric could be a great choice. However, if you're looking for a more robust and heavy-duty fabric for something like a sofa or chair upholstery, I would recommend choosing a sturdier and more durable fabric like cotton or linen. I hope this helps!


Hey there! I have also worked with crepe fabric in my soft furnishings and upholstery projects in the past, so I thought I'd chime in. Personally, I have found that crepe fabric works best for decorative soft furnishings that are not subjected to a lot of wear and tear or heavy use. For example, it can be great for making accent pillows or cushion covers, but it may not be suitable for upholstery projects that will be used frequently.

One thing to keep in mind with crepe fabric is that it has a tendency to wrinkle, so if you're using it for cushions or other soft furnishings that will have a lot of contact with people, you may find that the fabric doesn't hold up as well over time. However, if you're making decorative items that won't be used as frequently, this may not be a concern.

Overall, I think crepe fabric can be a beautiful and unique choice for soft furnishings and upholstery projects, but it's important to consider the specific usage and durability needs of your project before selecting it. If you're going for a lightweight and delicate look, crepe fabric can be a great option, but if you need something more heavy-duty, you may want to look into other materials.


Greetings, everyone! I have worked with crepe fabric on several soft furnishing and upholstery projects over the years, and my experience has been quite positive. I agree with some of the comments made earlier that suggest crepe fabric is a delicate material with a tendency to wrinkle easily, which makes it unsuitable for heavy-duty upholstery projects. However, there are ways to mitigate these challenges and get the most out of the fabric.

One tip I find very helpful is to choose a high-quality crepe fabric with a tight weave to reduce the risk of fraying and wrinkling. This can go a long way in ensuring that the fabric lasts longer and preserves its unique texture and structure.

Another great way to use crepe fabric for upholstery projects is to combine it with another more durable fabric. In some cases, it might be best to use crepe fabric as the decorative cover over a more hardy upholstery fabric that serves as the base. This not only enhances the look of your upholstery project, but it also increases its durability and resilience.

Overall, I believe crepe fabric is an excellent choice for soft furnishings and upholstery projects. It's a stunning fabric that has a unique texture and a pleasant drape, which adds elegance and sophistication to any space. Just ensure that you choose the right type of crepe fabric and use it appropriately for the desired project.


Hi all! I'm glad to see this discussion on using crepe fabric for soft furnishings and upholstery. As a professional interior designer, I have worked with crepe fabric on several projects, and I would like to offer some advice based on my experience.

Crepe fabric is undoubtedly a beautiful material that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. It's lightweight, soft, and drapes beautifully, making it a fantastic choice for decorative soft furnishings like throw pillows, curtains, and cushion covers. However, I would be cautious about using it for upholstery projects that require frequent use, especially in high-traffic areas like a living room sofa or dining chairs.

Crepe fabric can be challenging to work with since it tends to fray easily and is prone to wrinkling. What's more, this fabric also lacks durability and may lose its luster over time. Therefore, it might not be the best choice for upholstery projects that demand sturdiness and resilience.

For soft furnishings, though, crepe fabric is a lovely choice that lends a touch of elegance to any decor style. If you go for this fabric, I would recommend carefully selecting the color and style of crepe fabric that best suits your style and needs. Then, be sure to follow the care instructions carefully to keep your crepe fabric looking fresh and beautiful for years to come.


Hello everyone! I have also used crepe fabric for soft furnishings, specifically for curtains in my living room. I have to say that I was pleased with how the curtains turned out. Crepe fabric has a luxurious and elegant look and feel that worked perfectly for my decor.

One thing I would like to add to the discussion is that crepe fabric can also be a bit tricky to clean. Since it's a delicate fabric with a tendency to wrinkle easily, it may not be suitable for high traffic areas or items that require frequent cleaning. If you do decide to use crepe fabric for upholstery, it's important to make sure you can clean it properly and keep it looking its best.

Overall, I think crepe fabric can be a wonderful choice for soft furnishings and upholstery projects if you want a light and airy look, but it's important to be aware of its limitations before making a final decision. If you are looking for a more durable fabric, it may be best to choose a different material. However, for decorative items or low-traffic areas, crepe fabric can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

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