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Can I use cotton fabric for making bags?

Hi everyone, I'm new to the world of sewing and I'm planning to make some reusable bags for grocery shopping. I'm wondering if it's alright to use cotton fabric for making bags, as that's what I have readily available in my stash. Will it be sturdy enough to hold groceries or will it tear easily? Also, any tips on making durable bags would be great! Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello everyone! I have used cotton fabric for making bags and it worked out great. One thing I would suggest is to prewash the cotton fabric before using it, as this will help prevent any shrinkage or color bleeding that can occur when you wash it for the first time later. Also, if you want to add more durability, you can apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. This will make the fabric stiffer and more stable, and it will prevent it from sagging or losing its shape. Stitching the seams and reinforced handles is also essential to make sure the bag is strong when it is holding heavy items. Finally, you can hem the edges of the fabric to create a finishing look and prevent fraying. Overall, cotton fabric is a great choice for making bags and you can customize your bags to your personal taste.


Hi, I've made cotton fabric bags before and they turned out great! I've used both lightweight and heavier weight cotton fabric, and they both held up well for carrying groceries. What I found most important was not necessarily the weight of the fabric, but the way it was sewn. Whenever possible, I double-stitched the seams and handles to make sure they could handle the weight of my groceries without tearing. I also like to add interfacing to my bags to give them added stability. Finally, I recommend using a tight, dense weave fabric to reduce the risk of tearing. Overall, if you sew your bag with care and attention to detail, cotton fabric can make a great, durable bag!


Hello there! I have used cotton fabric for making bags several times and it has always turned out quite nice. As others have already mentioned, using a heavy-duty cotton fabric is the key to ensuring your bag is sturdy enough to carry groceries or other items. Apart from this, I've found that reinforcing the seams and handles with extra stitches is essential to make sure that the bag can withstand the weight of the items you will put inside. I also like to add a drawstring closure to my bags to keep the contents secure. It is really up to you and your preferences! In my opinion, cotton is an eco-friendly and inexpensive fabric that can be used for making bags without worrying about durability.


Hey everyone, I wanted to chime in on this topic! I've used cotton fabric for making bags on multiple occasions and it has worked out well for me. However, like others have mentioned, the weight of the fabric is important. When making bags for grocery shopping, I recommend using a thick, heavyweight cotton fabric to ensure durability. Further, apart from fusible interfacing, you can also use other stabilizers like foam stabilizer to give your bag a more structured look. Additionally, investing in a stronger thread like denim thread is also great for adding extra strength to the seams. If you're interested in adding more compartments, you can use the scrap fabric to make pockets or you can add zippers to keep items secure. Finally, you can also add snaps or pen pockets to make the bag more functional. All in all, cotton fabric bags can be a great alternative to single-use plastics and can be customized to meet your style and functionality preferences.


Hi there! I've actually made a few bags using cotton fabric and they have held up pretty well. However, I would suggest using a heavier weight cotton fabric, like canvas or a cotton duck cloth, rather than a lightweight cotton fabric that may tear easily. Additionally, reinforcing the handles and bottom of the bag with extra stitching or interfacing will help make the bag more durable. Lastly, I would recommend prewashing and drying the fabric before sewing to help prevent shrinkage and provide a better fit for your groceries. Hope this helps!


Hello everyone! I've used cotton fabric to make bags in the past and I absolutely love it. When using cotton for grocery bags, I recommend choosing a heavier weight fabric such as canvas or twill. These fabrics will be more sturdy and handle the weight of your groceries more easily without tearing. Also, cotton is quite easy to sew and it is forgiving when you're just starting. Besides, you can print and dye cotton in many beautiful designs to fit your personal style. As for durability, I've never had any issues with my cotton bags. If you're concerned about it, you can add interfacing or batting to the bag and straps. Finally, it's important to remember that cotton is biodegradable, so you can continue using your bag for many years while contributing to reducing waste!

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